10 memorable roles played by Ram ❤️

So It’s been 12 years since Ram Pothineni made his debut into Tollywood, so we decided to pay a tribute to his journey so far! 😍Among the 15 roles played by Ram, here are our favorite 10, which I guess are favorite for most of his fans! 😋So, let’s get started with “10 memorable roles played by Ram” 😍

1. Ram in and as-Devadasu

Our first favorite is undoubtedly Devadasu, for obvious reasons! 😍This was the first movie in his career and it was a huuuge hit, we may even call it as a dream debut to any actor!Coming to his role, Ram plays the role of “Devadasu” a happy-go-lucky guy who eventually meets Bhanu, a girl from a rich background. Their love story is a treat to watch! ❤️One of our favorite stills from Devadasu ❤️ Ram with Filmfare award for best debutant-male ❤️

2. Seenu from Jagadam

The second one on our list is Jagadam, which happens to be Ram’s second film, and admittedly one of his faaavorite roles!This Sukumar directional depicts the story of Seenu, who goes to any extent to follow his passion. Though this film didn’t work out for some unknown reason, this remains as one of the most favorite movies to all his crazies!The leader scene in this movie happens to be a favorite one for many people, including the pride of TFI Rajamouli garu. Dear Ram, you’ve made us all proud with this movie irrespective of its result! ❤️The intensity in his eyes ❤️

3. Chandu from Ready

The next one on the list is Ready!Ram is seen playing the role of Chandu who falls in love with a girl who has family conflicts. How Chandu manages to save her from her evil uncles without hurting their feelings is the story!This movie is a fun roller coaster with a lot of comedy scenes n emotional scenes.Ready even won Filmfare for the best family entertainer of the year. ❤️Chandu rescuing Pooja

4. Ganesh from Ganesh-just Ganesh

This is one cute love story which everyone will fall in love with! 😍 the scenes between Ram and those little kids are a treat to watch! 😍undoubtedly one of the best roles played by Ram ❤️With kids ❤️He’s a supermannn! 😍😍Love ❤️

5. Rama Krishna from Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

This is one of those movies that showed our village culture and traditions beautifully! Ram plays Rama Krishna who has immense respect towards his father and his village, he even gets ready to sacrifice his own love for their respect! This is one of the most lovable roles played by Ram ❤️

s of RRKK ❤️😍

6. Seenu(C’nu😛) from KandireegaOneof the biggest hits in Ram’s career! He plays the role of a craaazyyy guy named Seenu whose only aim is to get married 😛He falls in love with a girl named Shruti whose marriage is already fixed to a don named Bhavani, he finally does win Shruti’s heart! But a bigger trouble comes into his life in the form of Sandhya, who’s the daughter of a bigger don than Bhavani. But ultimately Seenu does get his love becaaause “A B C D E F-uh Seenu gaadu mahaa tough-uh! 😉

A B C D E F-uh C’nu gaadu maha tough-uh! 🤪

7. Ram from Endukante Premanta

This is my personal favorite! ❤️ no matter how many times I watch this movie I still feel the same emotion. Why? Because it’s love! 😍This movie narrates the stories of 2 people whose love has failed in all their 6 lifetimes..will their love be a success in their last life?This is one of the best performances given by Ram! Irrespective of the result, this movie is a forever favorite for most of the fans of Ram and Tamannaah! ❤️

Nee choopule..naa oopiri! ❤️

His dance moves tho! 🔥❤️

8. Hari from Nenu Sailaja

The name itself says it all! 😍 it’s a sweet and cute love story between Hari(Ram) and Sailaja..Sa ILU is a girl who never express her feelings and desires to other people, but luckily, she finds Hari who understands all her intentions without her explanation..they eventually fall in love with each other, but Sailu has to marry her aunt’s son in order to unite their families. How’s Hari going to solve Sailu’s problem is the plot of the story.The scenes between Hari and Sailu’s family are heart touching ❤️No wonder why Nenu Sailaja was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2016!

Hari and SaILU ❤️

Family ❤️

9. Surya from Hyper

It’s the story of Surya, who loves his father unconditionally, so much that he even becomes friends with a don just because he saved his father, so much that he decided to marry a girl just because his father said that whichever family the girl goes to is a lucky one! 😛I bet you haven’t seen someone who loves his father so crazily! 😍Apart from this, hyper also made people aware about the power of a government employee’s signature. This movie is entertaining as well as educating! 😍

Surya with his daddy dearest ❤️

10. Abhi from Vunnadi Okate Zindagi

Last but not least is Vunnadi Okate Zindagi! 😍Vunnadi okate zindagi- we’ve got only one life! Let’s live it to the fullest! 😍 This movie narrates the heart warming story of 2 friends AbhiRam and Vasu..❤️Their friendship is so unconditional that they even decide to give away their love for the sake of friendship! Like every other friendships, even they had their share of ups and downs in their relationship.. But at the end of the day, friends do compromise right! 😍Because Trend maarina friend maarade..end kaani bond peru friendship ey ❤️I’m sure you all remembered your best friend while watching this movie! ❤️In case you missed watching it, please do watch this celebration of friendship and life! 😍Abhi and Maha ❤️Dialogues ❤️Abhi and Vasu with their gang!Celebration of friendship ❤️ Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! 😍 we’ll soon come with more such blogs! ❤️ thanks for taking out your time and reading this! 😍

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15 reasons why we love Ram Pothineni 

So we just decided to write a blog on how amazingly adorable RAM POTHINENI is.. But we just can’t decide where to start it from, cause he’s adorable in every possible way☺️
So we decided to start it off with his first ever achievement😊
1. He won the Best Actor award at the Europe Film Festival 

He acted in a Tamil short film named Adayaalam(Identity) at a very tender age of 11 years where he played Naren, an 18 year old Drug addict. His flawless acting in this short film not only won him critical acclaim but also fetched him an award as best actor at Europe Movies Festival, Switzerland in the year 2002.

Ram as Naren in Adayaalam.

The best actor award that Ram won at the Europe Movies Festival.

2. First actor to have a silver jubilee debut film. 

He kick started his filmy career in Tollywood with the movie Devadas. The movie not only became a huge hit but also made him the first ever debutant to have a Silver Jubilee film. While his acting in the role of a rough and tough mass guy won him a huge following along the mass audience on one side, the other side his cute looks earned him a huge female following. He also won the Filmfare Best Debutant award for the year 2006.

3. His never ending love for Nunchaku.

He’s one of the very few Tollywood actors that know Nunchaku. He learnt Nunchaku at the age of 16 years specially for an action scene involved in the movie Devadasu. He completed the shooting of this scene thought he got injured while shooting for this scene. Everyone must take their hats off for his sincerity and dedication. 😊

He later used nunchaku for some scenes in Ganesh and Pandaga Chesko.

He also dedicated video of him practicing Nunchaku to Ken Hill(the guy Ram learnt Nunchaku from though his YouTube videos)

4. His love for gadgets.

Like any other 20th century kid, Ram has a never ending love towards gadgets. He has used almost hundred mobiles till date. You’ll always find him playing with his mobile😋

5. He’s one of the best dancers of TFI 

Love him or hate him, you just can’t deny the fact that he’s one of the best dancers present in TFI right now.😍 all of us are blessed to have seen such amazing dance moves with our eyes☺️ To make sure that we get to see some new dance moves, he even learnt gymnastics for his introduction song in Endukante Premanta. Did you guys not loveeee his dance moves in Chill Out???😍😍😍

 6. His ever lasting smile 

His infectious smile will make your heart melt no matter what! He’s gifted with one of the best smilies in world!!

7. His first crush.

When asked about him having his first crush in LKG, he blushed away and replied, “Adhe chinnappudu untundhi Kada puppy love ani” 🙈🙈 and when he was asked if he ever met that girl again, he replied that he doesn’t even remember her as he had many crushes after that!!🙈

8. His fashion sense is always on point. 

He has a very good fashion sense. Whether it is movie promotions, audio launches or public appearances, his costumes are always on point.👌🏻😍

9. His sense of humour.

He’s got a really good sense of humour😂😂😂 won’t believe us?? Okay here are a few examples:

These were just a few examples ;p

10. His love for his fans 

Fans will however love their idol, there’s nothing special in it, But it’s a rarity that the idol loves his fans as much as they do, and we’re blessed to have got such idol :’)

He cares about each of his crazies..❤️☺️

11. Ram’s love for Bart ❤

He has immense love towards his pets.. ❤️

He had a pet named Sunny who passed away few years back and Ram was shooting for a movie that time.. He felt really bad as he was actually sad but he had to shoot for a happy scene☹️

Later Bart came into his family and brought happiness back into their lives☺️
Ram’s photo session with Bart😋

Family outing with Bart☺️☺️
12.  His mimicry skills

Not many people know that Ram has an ability to mimic animals.. We just love the way he mimics love birds!!! ☺️☺️☺️ 

13. He’s always there for charity.

Ram is not just good looking but also has a golden heart which is as beautiful as him.. He’s always there for people who’re in need.. He has donated money to the Pratyusha Organisation many times.. Besides he also participated in the Swachch Bharat campaign that is intended for the cleanliness of our very own India.
14. His lip-bite 

Don’t you guys think that the way he bites his lower lip is too adorable to handle??? 🙈🙈🙈

15. His #RAndoMthoughts 

Ram posts his #RAndoMthoughts on Twitter once in a while.. And believe us, there’s not a single person who doesn’t fall in love with his #RAndoMthoughts.. There was even an article published in Sakshi newspaper on how inspiring Ram’s #RAndoMthoughts are!! 🙂🙂🙂

Talking about why he started writing RAndoM thoughts, Ram said, “One day, I needed 2 READ sumthing inspiring..I didn’t find any..so I began 2 WRITE! -|2 & that’s how #RAndoMthoughts began!”





So these were just a few reasons why we love Ram so much.. Here are our heartfelt wishes to Ram on the occasion of his bday!!!☺️☺️

To our dearest Ram, I just wanted to tell you that You’re adorable in every possible way ..Thankyou so much for coming into our lives and making it much beautiful than it ever was.. Thankyou for always caring for us, no matter how busy you’re with your work and for gifting me this beautiful family of ur crazies in the form of RFA.. And I’m really blessed to have born on the same day as you are .. ❤️❤️❤️ 

Wish you a very happy 28th birthday Ram!! You’re not 28; you’re 18 with 10 years of experience😉 and you get better looking each year! I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 

-Sindhu (@sindhuuu__)


I have been your fan for some reason since when I saw jagadam in my 8th standard.. Later you kept on earning my respect every time I met you.. You have influenced my life like no other thing ever did.. My life split into 2 parts would be like before Ram Fans Association and after it! 

You define my attitude.. You have gifted me almost all the things and people which now defines my life!! 

Being your fan is a blessing for me which I can never explain you how and why. 

You may loose everything you have one day but not my respect.

Thank you sooo much for your presence all through these years and I wish you shine for me like a glorious star all your life time!! 

Have a fantastic year Ram, Happy Birthday!!

-Phani (@phanijustphani)


Wishes from probably the only girl who would treat you as a brother! 🙂

You have been soo special to me all the way since ever I started admiring you.

Nothing in the world can ever make this crazy sister of yours stop admiring you.

You give countless moments of joy out of no where!

Nothing made me feel so excited than you! You make my craziness explode.

Have a craziest Birthday and wonderful year ahead!!

Yours only SisterFan 😀


We draw inspiration

from you. You are my role model. You are both our strength and weakness.. Wishing to see you on screen for life long.. We love you so much.. Happy Birthday Annayya 🙂 ❤️

-Hari (@HariHaraSAYZ)

U r d poem…I never knew how to write it with all d love u show towards ur crazies …can’t explain what we c in u it’s just d way dat took to a place where no one can replace u and ur day ….Wishing yu a day filled with love and cheers ..hoping ur day will be as special as u r …Happie birthday 😍😍😍 


Happiest bday darln !!!! :* May diz yr b d bst one in ur career.. Stay blessd! Loadz n loadz of love! :* 

 Along wid cuteee lookz, u hv a sweet n generous hrt! Ur alwayz a stp ahed to hlp ppl in need.. # love


Happy birthday RAM

Luvvuuu to the stars and back😘

U r a charming star in TFI 😍😍

#PowerPactDialogues #HansomeLooks #NaturalActing are your Weapons😘😘😘


I started following you since jagadam. I love your dancing style, dialogue delivery and your cuteness. I met you 1st time at inorbit mall when you came for “Shivam” movie promotions. I’ll never forget that day in my entire life. Many number of times I noticed your attitude in your fans (crazies), no other star in industry cares for their fans better than you. Love you annayya. 😘😘😘 #WeAreAlwaysWithYou till our last breathe. Happy birthday ❤️❤️❤️


Happy Birthday to my charming and lovely bangaRAM. Ur my source of happiness, inspiration, and strength. I might have a few secrets and do a lot of crazy things🙈 but I can’t hide my love for U.😘 I love u for ur sense of humor, ur thoughtfulness, the way u treat us(fans), the way u never forget anything about us.😍 ur Sweet, smart, good looking,handsome hunk I could go on and on listing the ways that I think that u are great. I love u more & more every day and double on special days like today… Once again Happy Birthday to My Sweet Heart …. Love u bangaRAM .

Those were the most wonderful lines that any can ever write.

Just trying to write something

Here we go, and this is how I start

And remember whatever I’m writing is straightly from my heart.

RAM High voltage Energy.

A handsome hero as sweet as tooty frooty ☺

Tooty frooty made up of not just red, green and yellow colours

But a unique kind and is the best seller ☺

You Laugh, You Cry, You Fight and Beat for us {In Reel Life}

You takes care of us and treated as your family and that so CRAZY {In Real Life}










Happy Birthday RAM 😍 You are my Idol, my inspiration 😍 without being your fan I wouldn’t got a CrazyGal for life 😍😘 , A Chweet sis who is and with me in all good n bad times 😘 and a bunch of Crazy n Chweetest friends 😍😍 Thanks for everything 😍 especially your #RAndoMthoughts inspires me all d time 😍 Once again Happy Birthday RAM . . . have a super year ahead lotssa love ❤😍


Happieeee happiee happyy 🎈birthday🎂 to my chocolate, lovly, handsome, energetic star ŔÃM😍😘… you are my 1st love which i have seen till now💕.. My big dream, aim, whatever! had fulfilld on dec 28th 2015…🙈💃 my heart beats lub dub lub dub..💖 I hav no words to xpress my feelngs dat wen i saw u 4 d 1st time.. I love💘 d way dat U love us😘… Hav a colourful yearss ahead RAM!!!🎉.. Once again happy happy birthday 2 my banga”RAM”🙈😍😘🎂🎈🎉🎊💙… Lotssss od ŁØVË…:-)💕😍😘


Hai RAM.. Ths is RAMya.. Firstly Happy birthday 🎈🎈. Cant express how much u are to me in my life.. ur a spcl world where my happiness is… c hw lucky i am, ur name is a part of my name and my birthday also in May(Madness)… love u a lot 😀.. expectng many many more movies furthur.. All the best for ua carrier. Lastly njy ur day 😊


Birthday wishes to the person who I admire the most!He has all the features of adorable spouse which everygrl dreams of her childhood. He has his own way of acting!This year started with a new experience of meeting him for the first time!☺ That day is so memorable for me.. I didn’t even know from when I started admiring him. His sense of humour, spontaneity, cuteness, innocence everything is at it best! Finally I wanna say a Very Happy Happy Birthday RAM..! We hope many more blockbusters from you!

Ram ki prematho Vuha: one of the special person in my life who cares for movies, put on his energy to make film to wonderful film, who thoughts are of random which every one starts following them, today he is going to celebrate his birthday this was special birthday to me and him becoz he made me happie by retweet and reply…and for him he completed 10 years in industry and this year he get a blockbuster hit with nenusailaja…so finally a “very very happie birthday to my RAM” from ur lovely fan VUHA…


Ram medha prematho:Bhavani……Maska mv tho na manasu dochukunna..andari manasulni jagadam chsi devdas la dochesadu..na life lone god ichina athi amulyamaina gift nuve RAM…tnq PADMASRI aunty&MURALI uncle for givng wndrful prsn to diz wrld…enrgy ki brand ga marina neku apude ee b’dy tho 28 vachesndi its really shckng …12yrs apude intrnational awrd win avadm so happy…andari hearts dochukunav kabatte heart throbe of d decade ravadam so so happy…ide yr tho ne film carrier cmplted 10 years in industry adhi inka happy nws…inka NENU SAILAJA blckbustr avadam ..feelng sooo happy…cinemane prapnchm ga bratukutunna..nuvu enno manchi mvs chylni korkuntu…RAM a very very happy b’dy..get all success in u r carrier..live HAPPY LONG LIFE… Love u bangaRAM..love u sooo much..

So this was it, we hope you enjoyed reading our blog and we hope you like it ☺️❤️